Over nearly two decades as President of the direct marketing agency EuroAmerican Communication, Corinne Servily has been dedicated to helping nonprofit organizations in France and the U.S. through effective and targeted campaigns. EuroAmerican’s recent merger with Faircom Group, a marketing and communication firm with 11 offices throughout Europe, has greatly expanded and enhanced EuroAmerican’s international scope, enabling Corinne Servily to support global nonprofit charities such as Handicap International more effectively.

Founded in Thailand in 1982, Handicap International began as a response to the frequent landmine injuries being suffered by Cambodian refugees. Over the years, it has grown into an independent and impartial aid organization assisting vulnerable populations worldwide. With an emphasis on disability advocacy, Handicap International currently operates in 63 countries and has benefited millions of individuals working in situations of poverty, exclusion, conflict, and disaster.

Her efforts with EuroAmerican and Faircom have allowed Corinne Servily to play a major role in Handicap International’s success. By aiding the organization in meeting its fundraising requirements, she also helps to ensure that individuals all over the world have access to goods and services that promote improved living conditions and safeguard fundamental human rights.

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