Corinne Servily, President of Faircom New York, a subsidiary of the Faircom Group, leads the company in its efforts to help clients achieve their fundraising goals. In its role as nonprofit support provider, Faircom New York deploys targeted direct mail, identifies new ways to drive client messages, provides impact analysis, and helps expand donor bases.

Recently, Faircom New York crafted the Erasing Inequality package, one of the most successful campaigns in its history. The package assisted the National Urban League and helped the organization secure new donors and retain its already substantial contributor base. Further, the content reinforced the National Urban League's nonprofit brand as an enabler of minority economic self-reliance as well as a proponent of civil rights and equality.

While clearly and effectively furthering the National Urban League's hopeful message, Faircom New York also drove home the urgency of the fund-raising effort by acknowledging that the National Urban League's century-old mission is still far from complete.
The organization's website, at, permits users to donate directly.

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