As President of Faircom New York, Corinne Servily brings to bear decades of experience in providing nonprofits with innovative direct mail support. Formerly EuroAmerican Communication, the company merged with the Faircom Group to reach a larger clientele.

Among Faircom New York's featured partners, the SaveKitty Foundation stands out for its size and its passion. Encompassing a small group of committed animal rescuers, the foundation finds welcoming homes for stray cats in New York City and positively impacts the feral population.

Though SaveKitty secured small donations at sidewalk events, its usual fund-raising means proved too meager when pet food prices drastically increased. After hearing about the organization's struggle, Faircom New York decided to help free of charge by designing a direct mail outreach campaign targeted to the foundation's donor base.

For more about the SaveKitty Foundation, including opportunities for pet adoption and ways to donate, please visit the nonprofit's website at