Integrated marketing is one of the most effective techniques a company can use to accomplish its goals. Learning from the example of Corrine Servily and her work at the forefront of the modernization of Faircom New York’s direct marketing programs, it can be discerned that direct marketing campaigns should be personalized for each client and consideration should be given to a company’s long-term goals before a direct marketing campaign is designed. 

Integrated marketing must also play a role in today’s most successful campaigns. Creating a campaign featuring both direct mail and online solicitations creates a well-rounded, functional marketing platform. The market for online donations is growing, and without a strong integrated marketing plan, companies are missing out on a vital opportunity. 

When potential donors receive the same message both online and offline, it communicates the importance of an issue and increases the impact of that message. Marketing professionals also stress the importance of timing when it comes to targeting customers with an integrated approach. Online solicitations can serve as reminders when sent shortly after direct mail materials. These methods work together to create the highest impact by providing donors with more than one opportunity to give. Corrine Servily continues to use this personalized, integrated marketing method with her company as it has proven ideal for reaching out to donors.