Corinne Servily, President of Faircom New York, a subsidiary of the Faircom Group, leads the company in its efforts to help clients achieve their fundraising goals. In its role as nonprofit support provider, Faircom New York deploys targeted direct mail, identifies new ways to drive client messages, provides impact analysis, and helps expand donor bases.

Recently, Faircom New York crafted the Erasing Inequality package, one of the most successful campaigns in its history. The package assisted the National Urban League and helped the organization secure new donors and retain its already substantial contributor base. Further, the content reinforced the National Urban League's nonprofit brand as an enabler of minority economic self-reliance as well as a proponent of civil rights and equality.

While clearly and effectively furthering the National Urban League's hopeful message, Faircom New York also drove home the urgency of the fund-raising effort by acknowledging that the National Urban League's century-old mission is still far from complete.
The organization's website, at, permits users to donate directly.
As President of Faircom New York, Corinne Servily brings to bear decades of experience in providing nonprofits with innovative direct mail support. Formerly EuroAmerican Communication, the company merged with the Faircom Group to reach a larger clientele.

Among Faircom New York's featured partners, the SaveKitty Foundation stands out for its size and its passion. Encompassing a small group of committed animal rescuers, the foundation finds welcoming homes for stray cats in New York City and positively impacts the feral population.

Though SaveKitty secured small donations at sidewalk events, its usual fund-raising means proved too meager when pet food prices drastically increased. After hearing about the organization's struggle, Faircom New York decided to help free of charge by designing a direct mail outreach campaign targeted to the foundation's donor base.

For more about the SaveKitty Foundation, including opportunities for pet adoption and ways to donate, please visit the nonprofit's website at

Today, nearly every nonprofit organization maintains a website and, as a result, an option for donating online. Online solicitations can and should be part of any multi-channel fundraising drive but should not be the only way a group collects donations. Our experience shows us that online fundraising is most effective when…

—Solicitations are well-timed and well-targeted. Sending the right message to the right people at the right time can make a huge difference in impact. Luckily, segmenting email lists is fairly easy and inexpensive. 
—Solicitations are requested for a specific fund or event. Short-term donation drives do well online.
—The process is easy and inspires confidence. Online donation portals should be user-friendly and professional, reassuring donors that their funds will be well-spent and their information protected.
—Donors have a chance to interact. Online solicitations can ask for more than just money. Studies show that individuals who volunteer their time end up making greater financial donations down the road.

About Corinne Servily

Corinne Servily founded EuroAmerican Communication (Now Faircom New York) in 1993 with the goal of helping nonprofit organizations expand their reach and achieve their goals. Today, Ms. Servily does just that by providing cutting-edge fundraising programs online and through traditional media.
Over nearly two decades as President of the direct marketing agency EuroAmerican Communication, Corinne Servily has been dedicated to helping nonprofit organizations in France and the U.S. through effective and targeted campaigns. EuroAmerican’s recent merger with Faircom Group, a marketing and communication firm with 11 offices throughout Europe, has greatly expanded and enhanced EuroAmerican’s international scope, enabling Corinne Servily to support global nonprofit charities such as Handicap International more effectively.

Founded in Thailand in 1982, Handicap International began as a response to the frequent landmine injuries being suffered by Cambodian refugees. Over the years, it has grown into an independent and impartial aid organization assisting vulnerable populations worldwide. With an emphasis on disability advocacy, Handicap International currently operates in 63 countries and has benefited millions of individuals working in situations of poverty, exclusion, conflict, and disaster.

Her efforts with EuroAmerican and Faircom have allowed Corinne Servily to play a major role in Handicap International’s success. By aiding the organization in meeting its fundraising requirements, she also helps to ensure that individuals all over the world have access to goods and services that promote improved living conditions and safeguard fundamental human rights.
Integrated marketing is one of the most effective techniques a company can use to accomplish its goals. Learning from the example of Corrine Servily and her work at the forefront of the modernization of Faircom New York’s direct marketing programs, it can be discerned that direct marketing campaigns should be personalized for each client and consideration should be given to a company’s long-term goals before a direct marketing campaign is designed. 

Integrated marketing must also play a role in today’s most successful campaigns. Creating a campaign featuring both direct mail and online solicitations creates a well-rounded, functional marketing platform. The market for online donations is growing, and without a strong integrated marketing plan, companies are missing out on a vital opportunity. 

When potential donors receive the same message both online and offline, it communicates the importance of an issue and increases the impact of that message. Marketing professionals also stress the importance of timing when it comes to targeting customers with an integrated approach. Online solicitations can serve as reminders when sent shortly after direct mail materials. These methods work together to create the highest impact by providing donors with more than one opportunity to give. Corrine Servily continues to use this personalized, integrated marketing method with her company as it has proven ideal for reaching out to donors.